TRACK time

Nothing better than building something and going out and enjoying it! Especially when you can push the limits in a safe environment with no red/blue lights to worry about. To make sure everything would go smoothly I did some basic prep before hand and also picked up a set of Falken azenis 615k+ So at least I wasn’t showing up on all seasons lol. This was my first real track experience and my first time taking the fiesta out (I’ve taken my old mazdaspeed protege out to a smaller track multiple times). The car was definitely fun and I’m glad I upgraded to the falkens before I went. It took me about 2-3 sessions before I really was able to start throwing the car around and feeling comfortable with how much this car likes to rotate. But once I figured out to just stay in while it rotates my times kept dropping. Over all this is one fun car to track and I’m happy to say it made the drive out and drive back with no issues.

The homie Brent and his built A4 with his recently installed BBK

representing the brand to the fullest

that fitment tho