What happens when you take some easton alluminum, some crafty bending, and a fresh new color?...You get this 2013 envy you see here.

Dubbed "Smurf-Ya" for the fresh smurf blue hue that was thrown on it, this ride is fresh out the box and ready for some track time. Of course when building a bike like this it is only appropriate to use supercross componets. Everything from Supercross hubs to bars were used here, this thing is built right.

You know your bike is going to be fresh when you can get The General aka to sticker it up for you. Putting stickers on is like a secret process in some contries. It's so rare to see this process but I kinda know some people so I was able to get some behind the scenes pictures.

Like all Supercross bikes this thing was built to ride, and if you ever see it out at the track,  just yell Smurf-ya! He'll know what your talking about.