THE plan


Whenever I see a well-executed build, there always seems to be a few steps they always follow. One step is they always have a plan or at least some type of guidance as to what direction they plan to go in. The next step is they try to keep quality products on the car (ie:the best part that suits the build, either authentic or just a well made part in general ). I would at least like to try to stick to these steps because I feel overall it will help my build be successful in my eyes. Because in the end that’s who I’m trying to make happy, me.  I know the order of my build is a little off (concepts illustrations coming after modifying) but I’m still in the early stages so its all good lol. At this point I’ve already installed suspension and wheels and pulled the trigger on a front lip. But these concept illustrations still reflect what I have already done plus what I plan to do.


So now that I have gotten the ball rolling on some initial modifications I wanted to do, I’m slowly figuring out the look and build direction I want to go in. As far as what mods I have planned, I wanted to keep it somewhat simple. For starters I wanted a front lip, a hood (no one makes anything close to this, so thisdesign will prolly change), side skirts, and some simple graphic. I’m sure there will be more illustrations to come as the build evolves but this is a good start.

Next up I tried to add some color. I initially mocked up an orange, red, teal, and light gray livery to throw on the lower half of the side of the car. I really liked this idea, and my two favorite ideas so far have to be the red and teal versions. I like the red the most because that color will flow better with some other parts I have waiting to be installed.

I really want to make something cool but also add some color to help the white chassis with some contrast. I started with some subtle colors and graphics on the side (RWDY logo). Also in this view you can see the side skirts I want to use. I found them in carbon fiber to match the front lip and I also plan to paint them in a similar fashion and leave some carbon showing along the bottom.

Here is another view from the rear (above picture). I plan to keep it simple back here also with maybe some side extensions on the sides of the bumper and chopping the center section out for a more track style look. I’m still mixed on added a wing, so for now I’m going to keep that off.


And the final illustrations showing all three views together. Now you can see what ideas I have in my head and the direction I want to head in. Hopefully I can stick somewhat close to this plan but we will see.

And one more quick addition, photoshopped images of the actual car in the red livery design and sans livery design.(ALL ROCKING BLACK RPF1'S)