Unlike on a thursday nite, most of the cars today were pretty much intact and looked good. There is something refreshing to watching a s14 go around a track while not drifting every corner. This particular one had my favorite wheels (rpf1) and what appeared to be a big brake kit hiding behind them. I made sure to grab a few pics while it went around because this look was just so classic.

a typical Tuesdays..in socal



I really enjoy the fact that on a tuesday nite I can just grab my camera and for 5 bucks just relax and watch some cars attack the clock at Adams Kart Track. This is the same place you can go to on a thursday and watch drifting on the same track. Amazing I say and with this near perfect cali weather... coudnt get any better. I havent been to a time attack here in a awhile, but man this was fun. The cars were so diverse and the action was just as good.

Now when I say the cars where pretty diverse on this nite....let me show what I meant. There was an old school Mustang, Miatas, Hot rods, Euros, Hondas, New body Mustangs ect. And oh wait....a PRIUS, haha yea a prius was there ripping around the track too.

It was pretty cool being able to watch all these different types of vehicles run the track. I spotted a few regulars ripping around the track that I usually spot on drift night doing double duty today. This miata(owned by John Shaffer)I often capture going sideways was getting some nice grip action.

I brought out a few lense with me to try and shoot with but since I have to sit so far away from the action, all of my shots were done using my 300mm zoom lense. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, But I was able to reach the back straight with this lense and get some good higher speed shots like the one below.

I've never really seen a hot rod do anything other than cruise or do a burnout, so when this thing started to rip across the track I was really surprised. The ability it had to sprint out of the corners and handle was crazy to see. The driver got it alil loose a few time but other than that, this car was quick.

I'm not really a mustang fan myself, but these last few times I've come out there has been a new(er) style mustang out here and man those 5.0 engines so sound good. This one below sound pretty good and I'm goin to assume he had some pretty good brakes too because his car stopped quite well going into the big right sweeper.

It has been awhile since I've seen a CRX at the track that I actually liked. This one looked pretty good rolling on some Work Meister's up front and auto-x's out back. Not sure if he was breaking the car in tonite or what but he ran off the track and I didnt see to much of him after that.

I was actually surprised to see this fairly new BMW out running the course, considering it is not the cheapest car just bring out and race. But this pretty much sums up a typical tuesday nite here at adams kart track. Heres a link to the rest of the photos.