OPEN PRACTICE Adams Kart Track

Adams Kart Track is a place I visit rather often but usually it's just to shoot pictures. But this event was slightly different then most nights. This friday they were hosting a night time drift/ time attack open practice. I knew I had to make it to this and try to get some laps in and for once. Luckily I was able to make it on time for this attack session and of course I came prepared to race. This day basically gave anyone who was interested about 4 hours of open practice on the track. The time was split up between the grip drivers and drift drivers so it was still somewhat limitied. Turn out wasn’t too crazy so I was able to get a bunch of laps in and roughly did about 5 sessions for the night.

When I first arrived, it was only me and one other guy for grip and two others for drift. PERFECT. Because that meant an open track for us and it also meant we could get about as many laps as we wanted. I think for my first session I did about 6-7 laps then pulled off, I didn’t want to push it too hard for too long on my first go.

As the evening went on more drift cars showed up as well as time attack cars, but we were quickly out numbered by the drift cars.

I tried to shoot the cars on the track but the fences were very frustrating, so I basically shot what was around me then put the camera away.

Here is a shot of the homie Trever(below), who I was able to convince to drive his car and do a few sessions after he showed up to watch.

It was fun trying to figure out the cars characteristics on a track, and I quickly realized what brake fade feels like and what happens to tires after heating up for a few laps. Lets just say I need to learn how to drive a car that is tail happy (could be driver error or car setup, or probably both).

I was able to grab a few GoPro clips of my runs, which were pretty interesting. But maybe next time I can get a few more clips outside of the car. Anyways that pretty much rounds up my Friday at Adams Kart Track. (here’s the video below)