Tire Stickers are da Business



So in the past I've done tire sticker and had great results with them. So when my tires needed replacement I figured the stickers did too. So I put in an order  to update the new rubber.

This was probably the quickest turn around I've had when ordering a product(showed up basically next day). When I opened the packaging I was surpirsed that the decals actually looked alot better than I expected...which is good.

Now they come packaged all somewhat stuck together, but thats not an issue since they were a very low tack kinda sticker. Now the batch I ordered this time where about 1 inch in height and larger all around(compared to last time).

Now to the key components to help aid in the install, Rubbing Alcohol and a small iron. The iron I used was made for model airplanes and appling material to the surface of wings and such. Now it is important to make sure the surface is pretty clean(use lots of rubbing alcohol) and that you take your time. Since I've done this before I knew what to expect, but I still took my time to make sure they came out just the way I wanted.

 Above we have some pictures of the progress and how I went about this job. First I stuck the sticker on there and then slowly applied just enough heat to get the sticker to stick so I could peel the clear paper off of it and really get to work.

So after that I slowly started to use the iron to really work the sticker to the surface, making sure that every little piece molded around the tire. Of course the tire isnt a perfectly flat sureface so there were alot of small things to work around.

And there you have it, fresh semi-permament tire stickers. For the small amount of cash these actually cost I'm surprised I dont see very many enthusiast doing this.