Mount it up



Once again we are working on Trevers Miracle whip. This time we are installing a new stiffer rear motor mount. This one is engineered to provide maximum benefit without excessively increasing vibration. Or so they say anyways. Its also supposed to reduce unwanted "wheel hop" that seems to plague the MS3.

So when his mount finally showed up ofcourse he called me up and we got to work. Once I arrived the tools came out the garage and we got started.

Luckily this time Trever actually looked up some directions and how to's before we started this job and it went a whole lot smoother than the last install. 4 or 5 bolts later the stock mount was removed and we were in business.

As you can see here, the old mount is a rather large unit and very soft and mushy. In comparison to the newer mount it really looks different. The new mount is smaller and by far alot stiffer.

After putting some time in on his back, we finally got the new mount installed and ready to go. Install for this was a rather quick one, which was good because it meant little time working but more time to enjoy the mod. With a few more mods in his sight I see us working on this car again in our near future. So stay tuned for that.