Volk Racing CE28n time attack


A good friend of mine that owned a STi (modded to around 300whp, see pics below) decided to sell it, but kept some of the more valuable parts that he didnt want to give away with it. Luckily for me these ce28n volks were apart of some of the things he decided to keep. He hit me up and told me they were occupying too much space in his garage and needed to free up some space, I decided to give him a helping hand with his problem... lol.



As far as Specs go, they are 18x8.5 (f) +20 (r) +27 (1/2 inch thinner (width) then my RPF1) and one inch bigger (diameter) . But thats not a problem fitment wise. The arches on the RSX are rather large and can still accomodate an 18in wheel with no problem.

I always said that after I purchased my first set of authentic wheels, that I would never go back to replica's. There is just something about the quality of authentic wheels that once you own a set, you will never go back.


Even though these wheels are an inch larger, they are still lighter then my RPF1's(16.35 lbs) -- CE28n (16.0 lbs)

For tires I decided to run the same width tires that I was running before (245/40). Even though the specs on these new CE28n's are less aggressive then my last set up, I surprisingly ran into some fitment issues. I say surprisingly because I am running about 6mm less offset so I assumed fitment wouldnt be an issue.


I assume fitment issues mainly came fromt the fact that the new tires being fitted on a skinner rim made for a more blocky sidewall and less of a stretch. This was all fixed with some slight pulling of the front fenders. I may eventually lower it a bit more after I get the fender situation handled alittle better but for now it works for me as is.


Heres what I ended up with for fitment, as you can see it was a pretty close fit. It still rubs alittle bit on big dips and hard turns but I will figure out a solution after everything settles in.


on to the pics.

Heres the end result of a days work. I can say that I'm happy with the way everything sits and the wheel change. There is an abundance of RSX's running RPF1's these days, so I'm glad to be away from that group for now.