ROXANNE welcome home



After a long day of work all you want to do is go out for a simple cruise and relax for a bit.  So I pull up to a light, put the car in to gear, and go. I hear a weird noise and the car feels funny, almost like the clutch is slipping but not quite. So I pull over into the closest parking lot and inspect the car. Nothing looks weird, no leaks, and no funny smells. I start to think I must be tripping or something. So I try to leave the parking lot but the car disagrees with me. It feels like it just does not want to move forward and me thinking the worst, I just want to get it home so I can get a better look at it. Simple right? I can limp it home (I’m literally less than a mile from my home).


So I pull it out of the parking lot and get to the stop light(again). The light goes green and guess what…. the car will not move anywhere. UGH… great just what I need. I eventually was able to push the car back into the parking lot and a few hours later got it towed home for a stupid amount of money (not happy about that).

After some simple research and inspecting I came to the conclusion that  it must be the LSD (weak spot in the tranny for these cars). So I did some more research (found out how expensive the parts and repairs can be) and without the comfort of a garage to work in and in need of transportation ASAP, I decided it would be best to just get a new car and deal with it when I can or just sell it. All good things must come to an end as they say, right? Well in the case of my Mazdaspeed Protégé, it has.



This is what the car looked like after I walked home, grabbed some tools, got my bike, rode back, and got the car ready for the tow truck.(diffuser taken off and front bumper as well)

Enter the new white chariot, aka my 06’ RSX. I was very unsure about what kind of car I wanted to get into after driving a turbocharged Mazda for so long. And to tell you the truth, nothing seemed as cool as that car haha (to me anyways). But after some long sleepless nights I found what I felt would be a suitable replacement. With the great aftermarket support and the huge community surrounding Acura’s/Honda’s, this chassis suited me best for what I was looking for. Plus a handful of my old parts can be transferred over to the new car so that will make this process a little bit easier. (notice the Mazda in the background donating its wheels to the new cause)

Anyways, on to the new build and my plans for it. I have a lot of ideas in my head I want to pursue but nothing is set in stone just yet. I have been working on a few Photoshop ideas but those are just ideas at the moment until I figure out the exact look and direction I want to take this in(track look/street/stance). Hope you enjoyed the mazda and will be interested in following this new venture and build.