Upgrade time



What is one to do after you lower your car? Buy new wheels is what I would say. I guess Trever was reading my mind because shortly after we installed his coils and before his bank account could even replenish itself he shows up with these new boxes.

As far as i can tell Trever has been bit by the MOD bug. After looking at his car sitting all pretty with its new "stance" I guess it wasnt good enough for him. so what is the solution to that...buy some new wheels to freshen it up even more. And what we have here are a set of XXR 527's in 18x8.75 in a 35 offset in a pretty black chrome finish. Perfect setup for this ride, wide enough for some new sticky rubber in a good size but not too aggressive to where they'll ruin his fenders. Perfect choice.

Here is a before picture, this will be the last time the OEM wheels will be placed on this vehicle.

Quick picture of the new rollers after they have been mounted with the new rubber. So once again we spent the night wrenching on Trevers car. Out come the jack and jack stands and air tools.

So after another long night we finished things up.  We then took a nice roadtrip out to Willow Springs raceway with both cars packed up and ready to road test them. I would like to go ahead and say this car is headed in the right direction. Suspension is finally set, wheels are finally on, and now all thats left is to beat it up at the track and enjoy it. Stay tuned for updates on when that goes down!

Until then enjoy these pics.