Widebody, because cars with wider curves are better.



Onlooker: "You must be retarded to cut up a perfectly fine MSP like that..."

My response: "look retarded, act retarded, not retarded...Everybody knows you never go full retard."


For the record you never go full retard when going wide body... hahaha, if your not familiar with where that is partially quoted from then were not on the same page(inside jokes aside) I really did it because I like the wider look flares give a car plus in the end it  will allow me to run a much stickier/meatier tire. And the wider stance in my opinion just looks so much more menacing.

As with most stuff on this car, my flares had to be custom made to fit, and because this mod is not the most popular thing to do to this car or any other sedan, there was no such part made or even reccomended to fit this chassis. So after some measuring and searching of the "interwebz" I came across some universal flares that I thought would fit my car. So out came the wallet and the cutting and molding began.

After some long nights and probably some brain damaging bondo and fiberglass usage I managed to get the flares on and fitted. Initally I never intended to run these flares unpainted but I ran into some troubles a few days before a scheduled event and could not manage to get them painted in time. Like the baus I am, I decided to run them anyways.

After rolling around on these flares unpainted for a few days I was really loving em. And the flat black paint was not even bothering me anymore...it was actually starting to grow on me. But since I never intended to run them in the flat black color , they were pulled off and eventually painted to match the car. The end result is very close to what I envisioned from the get go.

Below  we have some post paint pics. I belive the painted flares flow alot better than the black flares did. So was it a good decision to paint match? I'd say so.

In the end I am very pleased with the outcome of the massacring of my car. If you haven't noticed, the front end of the car in these last few pics looks slightly different then before. I  am currently in the process of making a new lip and I currently am rocking another lip just to further change things up while I finish other things. This project still has a few more parts coming on to it in the upcoming months so stay tuned for that.